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Builder beware – buyers need to check

AAA is issuing a consumer warning on the back of a number of builders entering the apartment sector, who have no tangible experience with this type of construction.

One such company is West to West, that has been appointed to Megara’s Serai project in North Fremantle.  West to West has a strong reputation for commercial fit outs with the Megara project the only known apartment construction featured on their website.

Ms Reece, CEO of AAA stated that she had met with the Directors of Megara and voiced her concerns.

“There is a big difference between commercial fit outs and completing a nine storey development complete with fire installations, water proofing and checking the structural integrity,” Ms Reece said.

“While we understand that Megara wishes to deliver the project which they have been promoting over three years now, the question is to what standard?”

Ms Reece stated that other builders of concern included Vicore and Thomas Builders.

“In NSW the State Government is making licensing for apartment construction more difficult so as to weed out those companies that lack the expertise and track record,” Ms Reece said.

“They are putting the consumer first and this is what needs to happen in WA.

“Builders are falling over at an alarming rate due to the lack of profit in apartment construction and the race to the bottom.  Substituting these builders with companies that lack any expertise is of serious concern.

“Buyers should question the credibility of the builder and their track record – and if this is missing, then don’t sign.  You want a quality home and to achieve that you need a credible builder.”

Buyers can download the Apartment buyer and owner education kit here.

Image of Serai supplied from Megara webpage


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