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Banhams WA is now ISO Certified!

Plumbing, electrical and fire specialists, Banhams WA are proud to announce that they have been awarded the ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 Certification.

Starting the process to becoming recognised internationally, ensures that Banhams products and services meet the needs of the industry and their clients through effective quality management systems. This certification provides Banhams with the capacity to continually dedicate their teams time to growth and development in these important areas for the organisation.

The importance of a high standard of work and compliance comes from the top down at

Banhams WA, with the Director, Robert Peters continually striving for better standards

throughout the industry for maintenance and installation. This development and

implementation of high quality standards and management in Banhams improves

overall performance, maintains a high level of quality and a strong base for continual and

sustainable development. It is for this reason, Banhams WA knew that an ISO certification

was the next step in their journey in displaying to not only their staff but clients as well that they continually prioritise and evaluate their processes.

The process took a number of months, from internal reviews and audits to an intense,

external auditing process in which each of Banham's documents, internal processes and on site performance was assessed. Following this auditing process Banhams were able to further improve on any areas that required attention to meet a higher standard.

The ISO Accreditation process has provided Banhams WA with the tools to proactively look

ahead, giving the team greater confidence in their ability to provide consistent service whilst

demonstrating that they have robust and defined procedures in place for the business.

To Banhams WA, this accreditation means so much more than the tick of a box and another

certificate on the wall. It signifies a number of years of dedication and continued efforts to

improve the quality and standards of not only the organisation but the industry as a whole,

whilst exceeding their customers expectations. Quality is in Banham's DNA and they look forward to providing peace of mind to their customers. Congratulations from the AAA team.

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