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Delicate density once again the winner for 2023

The concept delicate density was first borne in 2022 with the advent of a number of apartment designs which saw the delicate insertion of 20 plus apartments onto less than 1000sqm which still felt spacious and bespoke.

Award winning projects such as Evans St (MJA Studio), Social on Henry (M&S Architects), Kilmarnock (KHA Architects) and Margaret St by Bluerock Projects certainly stole the limelight last year – and 2023 is the same.

But this year the term delicate density evolved even further. Because while there were exemplar projects such as Clifton and Central (MJA Studio), 21 Henley St (Fini Developments) and Nightingale (Fini Sustainability) these tended to be more aligned as boutique offerings.

Noma by Parcel Property however, broke this mould. Offering 54 apartments, this development nestles into the streetscape and is in perfect proportion to its neighbours.

The use of heritage brick and whitewash façade plays tribute to its locale and the set back with artwork, native plantings and shop frontages gives a street appeal that is simply outstanding.

AAA CEO Samantha Reece stated that the push to place high rise on main roads in contrast to interspersing them, with sensitive architecture through neighbouring streets, was the easiest way to placate NIMBY movements, but did not reflect the best fit for all locations.

“Noma and also Fabric Property’s Glyde St development are an excellent example of how 200 people could be accommodated across 2-3 buildings and yet would fit within the existing streetscape rather than dominating the landscape.”

“As we start to see the increase in density within our suburbs it is these examples that should set the benchmark for best practice and this will provide comfort to Councils and residents alike.”

Noma received a Special Commendation at the 2023 AAA WINconnect Apartment Awards for Excellence in the Luxury category, yet regardless is one of the shining examples of design excellence.

Noma by Parcel Property.

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