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City of Perth rates highly with apartment owners

Recent research conducted by AAA with 370 Perth apartment owners has shown some pleasing results with a staggering 73% saying they would recommend the City to friends and family who were considering relocating.

Respondents indicated that the City was easy and fun with a great range of local amenities including parks, restaurants and shopping as well as fabulous public transport options.

AAA CEO Samantha Reece stated that apartment living was meant to be easy breezy and that the City of Perth had a lot to offer its residents and all just within walking distance.

“This research demonstrates that the City is offering a great lifestyle which is fabulous as obviously the Mayor and Council are seeking to increase the population to 50,000 in the next 10-15 years,” Ms Reece said.

“There were some areas that residents would like addressed including free street parking, a large format supermarket and greater safety measures, but overall the level of satisfaction from the residents was very high.

“The City is already a vibrant location and its residents are understandably seeking more, with events and greater diversity of offerings to cater to its diverse demographics and in particular young families and seniors.”

If you are seeking to undertake research with your apartment owners Councils can reach out to Sam Reece at

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