Perth offers right options

After living in Sydney for the past 25 years, David Arland has decided to once again call Perth home.

With the advent of COVID and his software employer stating that staff could now choose to live anywhere they wished, it was a “no-brainer” for David when he decided to buy at Leighton Beach in Mirvac’s Latitude.

“I remember studying at Murdoch University and in between lectures, Port and Leighton Beach were my go-to places,” David said.

“I am now 52 years of age and Perth has so much to offer and it will be nice to slow down a bit, as well as live close to my mum as well as lifelong friends.

“With Perth being closer to the USA and India in terms of the time zone and plus with direct flights to London, I had to ask myself, what was really keeping me in Sydney?

“Mirvac has an excellent reputation for quality builds and while I looked initially at the apartment in December 2020 as an investment, I have decided that Perth in fact will be my new home of choice.

“It quite literally was the right property at the right price-point and it means I have so many more options both personally and professionally.”

Director of WAAA Ms Reece stated that she was not surprised by David's decision to live near the beach.

"Our National research in 2019 demonstrated that 56% of the 3300 respondents would like to choose a beach location and that is why it is important that WA continues to supply apartment opportunities on coastal location."

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