Panorama wins with fresh coat

Winner of the 2021 WAAA WINconnect Apartment Awards for Excellence Enduring Category, Panorama Apartments, is an example of how looking after your building (or as WAAA calls it - your asset) is a win for all involved.

Five years ago the Council of Owners (COO) decided to invest in repainting the external of the building and they have not regretted their decision since.

George Chiari, Chair of the COO stated that at 15 years of age the buildings exterior had begun to flake and it became apparent that works were needed.

"We called in independent painting specialists who verified what we thought, and reconfirmed that if we left the job longer then it would be more complex and more costly," Mr Chiari said.

"We therefore wrote up a scope of works and went out to several companies and in the end chose Higgins because of the positive feedback we had from other COO's who had used them.

"We found the Manager and Site Supervisor at Higgins very professional and they delivered on time and to the standard that we had expected and as such based on our experience, we would recommend them.

"The job was complex and they had to hang boats over the side of the apartment for access, but that is why we selected a company that specialised in apartments."

Ms Reece Director of WAAA stated that the paint chosen was the Dulux Acra Tex Membrane which provided added protection against water ingress.

"If your building is 10-15 years old then you need to be considering treating and repainting the exterior of your building as a priority," Ms Reece said.

"The COO at Panorama knew that prevention is better than cure and this saved them money and further degradation of their building and that was why they won the Enduring award for 2021."

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