North Perth residents vote yes to revitalisation

A survey of 327 respondents, conducted on the streets of North Perth, has shown support for a 16 storey development at 387 Fitzgerald St.

The survey, which was conducted from 12-15 June and was part of developer Celsius Property's consultation process, asked respondents if they supported or opposed the project and why.

While 70% of the respondents were from North Perth residents and the immediately surrounding suburbs, what was interesting to note was that support from respondents from the wider Perth area rose to 70%.

Ms Reece, Director of WAAA stated that this was again an example of the need to incorporate a wider point of view when new developments were being proposed.

“71% of respondents felt that there was a need for improvement to the local area with 47% citing the need for better shops, 33% better cafes and 25% more parking for cars,” Ms Reece said.

“Furthermore 36% stated that there was a need for greater housing choice in North Perth, with affordability top of the list and in addition 26% of the respondents indicated that they would be interested in living in one of these apartments.

“The opposition to the development was primarily based on height but what was interesting was that 12% of those opposed to the project were still interested in living in the apartments.”

The research is on par with another study conducted by WAAA in Scarborough in 2018 for 3 Oceans Twin Towers which also demonstrated 65% support.

"WAAA understands that locals can be concerned about developments in their suburbs, but time and time again, once the apartment project is completed, it is a welcome addition because of the additional residents who shop locally and the fact that it often catalysts further upgrades and improvements for the area," Ms Reece said.

"With 74% of WA's housing stock stand alone houses, 14% group dwellings and 7% apartments, it is evident that WA needs more housing choice."

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