Mayoral elections key to Perth success

With the seat of Perth Mayor hotly contended, WAAA Director Samantha Reece is urging all Perth residents and business owners to put aside their apathy and ensure they vote, in what will be a crucial time for the City and its future. With a number of strong contenders, WAAA is also pleased to publicly extend its endorsement of candidate Basil Zempilas.

WAAA Director Samantha Reece recently heard Basil speak on two separate occasions and what struck her, was his obvious passion to fulfill his electoral promises.

A passionate woman herself, Samantha understood that it was Basil's energy that would benefit Perth in the long term.

An apartment owner, Basil's platform is focused on making Perth a safe place for families and his solution towards the homeless situation, in Samantha's opinion, is practical and highly likely to get legs.

"I love the Perth CBD and we do need to make it a true 24 hour city and that will require drive and a can-do attitude and I believe that Basil has that in spades," Ms Reece said.

"He is prepared to pull back on his career and focus on the Mayoral role and the City requires that degree of dedication."

Postal votes are due back to the City by 17 October and all residents and business owners within the LGA are permitted to vote.

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