How fast can your internet go?

With 97% of Australian’s connected to the internet, this service has certainly become the number one utility in the nation. And recent research by consumer agency Choice has also uncovered that a reliable connection (95%), value for money (93%), connection speed (92%) and customer support (89%) are top of shoppers’ lists when choosing their next supplier.

The good news is that at Interphone, we believe that high performing, reliable internet should be like the other utilities: power, gas, and water – they operate at 100% unless something really serious happens. And with the recent shift to working from home, in light of the events of 2020, we fully appreciate just how important fast affordable internet really is.

Interphone is a federal government recognised, superior, alternative to the NBN for supplying high speed networks in developments across Australia. With a head office and support team based in Perth, we are also one of a few fully Australian owned and operated telco’s.

In an Interphone serviced apartment building, you will find uber fast internet plans up to 1000Mbps with affordable monthly payments.

Unlike other service providers, Interphone works in partnership with the developer in installing the telecommunications, free to air and paid TV network infrastructure, at a significantly reduced cost as it runs over one network. The developer can then re-allocate these savings for installing additional services that can run off the network, such as advanced security, power metering and access controls! The equipment Interphone installs is also ideal for apartments as it requires less space than current NBN hardware.

If you are buying an apartment – then make sure you ask who the telecommunications provider is – and then make sure it is Interphone – it’s a win-win for all parties.

Interphone is a valued sponsor of WAAA.

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