Deb says yes to apartment lifestyle

When Deb heads to work each day at her clothing boutique Woven & Willow in Vic Park all she has to do is press the button in her apartment lift for ground level!

Relocating from a large home in East Vic Park, Deb’s transition into Vic Quarter, developed by Celsius Property has been a game changer.

“My old home was decorated with antiques and was a character home and in 2007 I opened my first store in Vic Park Shopping Centre,” Deb said.

“I had built a real community within Vic Park and so didn’t want to relocate out of this area, but my old home was too large, especially with ongoing maintenance.

“I still believe in bricks and mortar over online and the option at Vic Quarter, where I could live upstairs and have the shop downstairs was extremely convenient, especially if I need to pop down during busy times.

“I have decorated my new apartment in a modern style with plenty of bling and my six grandchildren still love to come and visit.

“For me I have no regrets.”

WAAA Director Samantha Reece stated that hearing stories like Deb filled her with great joy.

“I call the apartment lifestyle easy breezy and this is the exact outcome that Deb has secured with her apartment purchase,” Ms Reece said.

“As the WA apartment market continues to evolve we need to provide this added bonus where people can work where they live and the Vic Quarter development sets a new benchmark for WA.

“As with Deb, housing choice in each suburb is essential so that residents can maintain long term connections with their community and this has become one of WAAA’s key messages.”

Vic Quarter recently was awarded a Special Commendation at the WAAA WINconnect Apartment Awards for Excellence under the category Precinct Rejuvenation.

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