Ageing in place leads WA

With four contenders for the Ageing in place category, competition was still stiff. This category received a special commendation and winning entrant.

The Special commendation goes to a project that has also created a first for WA – an intergenerational campus. This development gave Josh Byrne real hope that ageing can be something to look forward to! The care to detail, the standard of lifestyle, the provision of first class care, whether it was independent living or high end, was exemplary. The judges can’t wait for this development to become operational and encourage entry into the 2023 Awards.

The special commendation is for The Queenslea by Oryx Communities and designed by Hassell.

The winning entry reflected a project that was world class. It is easy to create luxurious aged care in an affluent suburb but to provide this kind of development in this suburb was recognised as a game changer. This organisation transformed the local community, opened up the aged care facility so that it embraced its neighbours and created a welcoming bush garden complete with walking paths for all to enjoy. The Judges commented that when visiting it was evident that the staff were welcoming and it felt lively and upbeat.

The winner for Ageing in Place for 2021 is Karingal Green by Hall and Prior and Hassell.

Finalists: Cirrus Apartments and Club House - CCN/RAFA, Australis at Rossmoyne – Hames Sharley

Top row: The Queenslea, Bottom row: Karingal Green

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