Affordability an innovative inspiration

The judges chose two winners in this category - setting a new precedent in AAA's inaugural awards year.

The first winner endeared themselves to the judges. Not just because they were able to turn around a project that had been languishing due to poor design and community resistance. But they also took the original purpose of the site and used this as inspiration for the public artworks. Furthermore, they also installed the biggest Solar PV, in the southern hemisphere reducing power costs going forward!

The first winner for 2021 Apartment Awards for Excellence is The Bottleyard by MJA Studios.

Now the 2nd winner was able to provide housing options from as little as $80/week while also offering amenities that you would expect to find in a world class development. This was a game changer for Perth and one that has set a benchmark for all future projects.

The 2nd winner for the Affordability category is The Boulevard by Stirling Capital.

Finalists: DeHavilland Apartments – Bluerock Projects, Palmyra Apartments Estate - Finbar

Top row: The Boulevard, Bottom row: The Bottleyard

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