Taking action COVID19

There is no doubt that the current circumstances with COVID19 is very bizarre - even alien like. But what is quite clear is the need to self isolate, increase cleanliness and overall try to band together regardless!

With my own apartment complex we have created a WhatsApp page whereby we can communicate as a community. We are also advising each other if we are self isolating or quarantined. Plus we are checking to see if the elderly in our building need any further assistance.

We have also restricted any trades to our building which are not essential and asked that our cleaners wear gloves as well as increase general cleaning overall of any hard surface that is likely to come in contact with the residents such as elevator buttons, hand rails etc.

And finally as a Council of Owners we have bought extra toilet rolls and sanitizer as back up for our residents (especially if we go into lockdown) and closed our gym (this also pertains to pools, spas, sauna’s, steam-rooms, theatres, dining areas, resident lounge areas and other common property facilities).

These may seem like extreme circumstances but this is a 1 in 100 year event and as such we need to prepare accordingly.

And I am doing this to set an example! If you are yet to take action within your apartment building please let this stimulate you to follow suit!

In this current climate prevention is definitely better than cure!

There is no doubt that these next 3-6 months are going to be trying on us as a community of 2.5 million residents, as so many aspects of our daily lives are adjusted. As such it is important that you individually and as a family maintain daily routines such as exercising, reading, prepping meals, game time and so forth so that you feel that you have a sense of purpose and rhythm to your day.

And preparation is undoubtedly key. So download your Netflix and Stan series. Stock up on books. Prepare your gym gear for home workouts. Adjust your mindset and in turn extend your sense of community.

By being connected and compassionate we will come through this time – and I believe with a greater sense of community spirit and resilience, and that would definitely be a bonus!

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