Jenny embraces apartment living

When media personality, Jenny Seaton’s pool pump broke for the third time and she had not actually swum in the pool for the past two years, she knew that it was time to leave her four bedroom, two bathroom home in Applecross for a simpler lifestyle.

Looking for an alternative home, Jenny settled on an apartment in Subiaco and has not looked back since.

“I just love how much free time I have now and that I can walk into Subiaco to have coffee with friends or watch the movies and I feel like I have started a new chapter in my life,” Jenny said.

“I was always spending my time cleaning my previous home and picking up the leaves from the driveway and to not have that level of responsibility is, I have to admit, refreshing.”

And while the idea of moving was daunting, the actual process also allowed Jenny the chance to cull and since moving into her apartment she is looking to cull again.

“There is no doubt that you accumulate possessions along the way – but to work out what was important and then get rid of the rest was also an unexpectedly pleasant experience,” Jenny said.

“I now have two teaspoons and until recently just one wine glass and there really is a great deal of pleasure in living a less cluttered lifestyle.”

Jenny also said she had been pleasantly surprised at how friendly the community had been at her new apartment and how there were all ages including families.

“I think that my impression of apartment living has changed significantly since I moved into my new home,” Jenny said.

“I have felt very welcomed and do not miss my old home at all.

“I recently drove past my old place and saw all the leaves in the driveway and remembered how I would come home from work and would park and with my car lights pick up all the leaves and I cannot tell you the relief that I feel that I no longer need to do this!”

Ms Reece Director of WAAA stated that she knew Jenny had some reservations about apartment living before she moved in, including noise, privacy and the ability to adapt to a small space.

“Our research shows us that 60% of people are unsure about apartment living and Jenny’s example just demonstrates again, that once people make the move they realise the benefits and then they become not only converts but ambassadors!”

Jenny shared her story at a recent WAAA event.

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