What does a green buyer look like?

Recent research by WAAA with 1130 apartment owners has demonstrated that 23% of these respondents felt that the sustainability of the development was in fact important in their decision making process.

This view was mostly reflected by young professionals or retirees.

But despite a few key differences, these buyer’s views tended to reflect that of the rest of the demographics with their thoughts.

On par with other respondents, 86% bought where they did for location and 50% because it was near public transport.

63% liked the low maintenance aspect of the apartment and 58% the security.

Interestingly those that had a stronger focus on sustainability, did tend to have a greater tendency to communal gardens.

Walkability was also a greater focus with these green buyers, with 84% saying they could walk to cafes (average 70%) and public transport (82%).

Furthermore 42% would also choose an inner city apartment compared to 46% coastal.

If you are interested in hearing the full survey results, then feel free to contact sam@waaa.net.au.

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