Deb and Karl take the plunge

Just 5 months after moving out of the apartment trial at Oracle, Karl and Deb have moved into their own apartment in the CBD.

This is what they have to say!

"Karl and I are all settled in our new apartment, now we get to relax on the balcony every afternoon after work. We haven't had to compromise as we still have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom property, in fact our bedroom and bathrooms are bigger than we had at the house.

I walk 2 mins to the bus stop, get to choose from 3 different buses as we are in the free transit zone.

Leaving our apartment to sitting at my desk at work takes under 20 mins. No more long commutes for us.

We have already had our first overnight visitor, who took the opportunity to enjoy the Sunday markets at Forrest Chase. Karl has booked us in to Rigby's Restaurant for dinner and a show for my birthday and I'm all ready to stroll along to the Cher concert in October.

No more paying for parking in the city for us. In fact we have taken our car remote off our keys as we don't need to drive anywhere during the week at all. We are back to getting our groceries delivered, no more trolling the supermarket aisles for me."

We are so delighted that the apartment trial was instrumental in a major lifestyle change for Deb and Karl. What are you waiting for?

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