Nimby groups creating negative standstill

Once again we are seeing NIMBY groups, and typically in affluent areas, stopping the State Government from achieving their infill targets.

Last week Nedlands Council, despite three months of workshopping with their staff, chose to go against the officer’s recommendation and refused to rezone a precinct in Hollywood and Dalkeith. Nursing a town planning scheme that is 35 years old the Council chose to flaunt the fact that they are a safe Liberal seat declaring that the “State Government would have to force the Council if they wanted infill.”

Meanwhile in Melville the Swan Foreshore Protection Agency has indicated they are seeking to hire Squire Patton Boggs to take legal action because of density in the Canning Bridge precinct, arguing there is no clear framework for bonus height. This legal firm was the same agency that stopped Lumiere in South Perth from securing approvals despite the Town Planning Scheme permitting unlimited height in 2013.

It is deeply concerning that these minority groups are having undue sway and if you would like to help by voicing your support for these precincts then contact Samantha at

For the full story re Melville click here.


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