Young couple embrace inner city over the burbs

When young professional couple Tahnee and Connor moved from their parents home in Kingsley to Oracle apartments they had some concerns about inner city living. With Tahnee’s brother living in a CBD apartment they were used to noise and anti social behaviour. But a month on, the apartment trial has shown there are many plusses to this lifestyle choice.

“In the suburbs we are always rushing,” Tahnee said.

“I get up in the morning and I rush to the gym, rush home and get showered and then rush to get out the door, because you never knew how long the trip into the City was going to take.

“One time we got caught in traffic for 2.5 hours and so you are always uptight about that trip into work and if you are going to arrive on time.

“Living in the apartment we could sleep in and I could walk to work which just took ten minutes.

“The whole relaxed pace of life was awesome and we also estimated that we were saving about $100 a week in fuel as a result.”

With their concerns no longer a realty, the couple are hoping to move into an apartment in January 2019 once Tahnee secures permanent work in the City.

“We certainly found that we were much more social and even during the week we would pop out for a coffee or drink in the evening and this really meant that we felt that we were having more of a life than just work,” Connor said.

“The flexibility that apartment living gave us means that this is now definitely an option for when we decide to take the plunge and live independent of home.”

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