Apartment trial a lifesaver for Lil and Brian

When Lil Moralee was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer two and half years ago, one of her first thoughts was needing to move Brian, her husband of 45 years into a property he could manage, just in case she passed away.

But it wasn’t until late 2017 that Lil got to actualise her wish when she was selected as one of 12 for the WA Apartment Advocacy Apartment social experiment, which has seen 12 sets of people trial apartment living for a month at Oracle apartments – free of charge.

Lil stated that at the end of the month she had realised just how much junk she really did have at home.

“You know in my kitchen draw I have six spatulas, six beaters, six serving spoons and really how many do you need?” Lil said.

“It wasn’t until I moved to the apartment and understood its simplicity that I really appreciated the lifestyle.

“We have been out exploring and even went to the opening of the new Children’s Hospital because we were close and everything was at hand and so easy really.”

Brian, who admits was openly opposed to moving, stated that the month living at Oracle had really opened his eyes.

“You know at the end of the month Lil asked if I had missed anything from home and I had to admit I hadn’t,” Brian said.

“We have lived in our current home for 35 years and it has served its purpose and so when we go back home, we really do have some serious thinking to do about the next stage and what that means.

“Our grandkids have loved visiting us here at Oracle and even asked if we could book another month. But if we were to buy an apartment we would definitely need three bedrooms.”

Samantha Reece, Director of WAAA stated that of the five occupants so far in the apartment trial, there had been 100% conversion to apartment living with one couple already listing their home on the market and placing an offer on a CBD apartment.

“It certainly is worth considering renting an apartment if you want to try this lifestyle and our own 100% success rate has certainly been most encouraging!” Ms Reece said.

“This trial programme will provide some buyers real assurance that any of their concerns regarding apartment living such as sound proofing and privacy will be unfounded. This provides a new opportunity for many Perth residents and that is a good thing!

“At the end of the day only 5% of retirees actually live in a retirement village and so we need to consider how we will cater for this population, aged 65 plus, who are looking for their final home to be close to great entertainment so that they can extend the quality of their lives.”

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