A Word on Apartment Living - from our current family trialing Oracle apartments

This is great article that Amanda Shipton wrote about their current experience in the Oracle apartments.

"Our family of four are half way through our month long 2-bedroom inner city apartment trial thanks to WAAA and Blackburne. Must be time for some interim reporting.

Stating the obvious would be to rabbit on about all our extra spare time from not looking after the pool, yard and twice the floor area of home. Its easy to be positive about time savings. Below are perhaps some of the less obvious, but pleasant surprises of our last few weeks:

Height and space - Height is good. Being on the 14th floor has some distinct advantages, and has really enhanced our apartment experience. Together with high ceilings and large sliding doors opening onto a generous balcony, the apartment feels open and connected to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Noise - We were convinced the building was going to know our family had arrived, especially since we travel with an electric keyboard, a drum pad, and 7 and 10 year old kids with limited social filters. The building is much better at noise attenuation than I’d have expected. And yes, we’ve asked a few neighbours.

Communication - We love the signs that a vertical neighbourhood is being created here. The simple but effective use of a Building App for everything from bookings and deliveries to building repairs just makes sense. It has also been created as a platform for residents to communicate with each other. Residents can share practical information like nbn connections, and there is a ‘market place’ where they can trade or sell things like coffee machines or household items. Love it.

Pets - (of acceptable size and type) are welcome here too. Seeing a little dog come back from a morning walk in the lift certainly softens the city location. We took our small dog into Northbridge piazza for the Saturday night kids flick and it really felt like a neighbourhood we could belong to.

Communal spaces - Our digs might be smaller than we are used to, but the well maintained and bookable communal spaces mean we have still had visitors and entertained. We’ve hosted a planned family party for 18people, had informal drinks with friends, kids have had playdates, and we've taken our mid-week dinner to the roof top BBQs.

In my last article on this topic, I was curious about whether the kids would start thinking of the ‘hotel’ as a ‘home’. I’ll ask them at the end of the month, but for now, we are certainly feeling very comfortable in our temporary space. "

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