Apartment living could be the future for Melbourne families

Property experts have called for height restrictions to be relaxed around what will become "mini CBD's" in Melbourne's middle-ring suburbs over the coming decades.

Following the European model of raising children in apartments, the Property Industry Council wants height restrictions relaxed in other suburban areas so that more people can live close to where they work; they argue it will allow greater density “where the jobs are”.

“We need to really focus on the activity centres and the transport modes. We need to look at the height restrictions that are there that potentially make those more amenable to higher density,” Michael Zorbas from the Property Council of Australia said.

Michelle Coleman and her three children moved into a two-and-a-half bedroom apartment in the Eureka Tower four months ago.

“We love it, we have so much to do, we don’t have to drive anywhere we think it's really cool,” Ms Coleman told 9NEWS.

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