Debbie rates apartment living 10/10

When Debbie and Karl first moved in to the Oracle apartments for their month trial in March - they were somewhat hesitant. The couple who had come from a large block - were excited about the trial - but unsure of the final verdict.

"The first couple of nights were difficult because we are both light sleepers," Karl admitted. But after some time - the couple didn't hear the noises, and instead acquired a passion for people watching.

"My colleagues at work said they were going to buy me a telescope!" Debbie said.

Overall Debbie has refound her passion for reading and also enjoyed spending the extra time with her husband.

"All my concerns were unfounded - I would give apartment living a 10/10," Debbie said.

The experiment has shown Debbie and Karl are ready for apartment living and they are getting their home valued as we speak.

Stay tuned for more information about Amanda and her family when they move in for April.

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