Children in apartments – where the bloody hell are they?

Greater Sydney, that’s where!

The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Greater Sydney have dominated the children in apartments market in 2016.

The table below shows the top 10 LGAs with the highest concentration of families living in apartments.

LGA Families in apartments as % of Total households

  • Strathfield17.0%

  • Botany Bay15.9%

  • Willoughby13.4%

  • Parramatta12.9%

  • Canada Bay12.5%

  • Lane Cove11.6%

  • Georges River11.6%

  • Rockdale11.6%

  • North Sydney11.4%

  • Randwick11.0%

I was really surprised by these results. I had expected all the CBD LGAs (e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) to be in the top 10.

However, inner Sydney has the highest concentrations of children in apartments. It seems in Sydney, due to the types of housing being developed and affordability issues, apartment living seems to be the only option for families if they want to live 5-10km from the CBD.

So, what are the top LGAs in other states? The table below shows these results, which is a little less surprising.

State LGA Families in apartments as % of Total households

  • Western Australia Perth 7.5%

  • Victoria Melbourne 6.9%

  • Northern Territory Darwin 5.9%

  • South Australia Adelaide 3.6%

  • Queensland Cairns 3.3%

  • Tasmania Brighton 2.2%

  • ACT 1.9%

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