Freedom fit the new downsizer

The term “Freedom Fit” will soon replace the ever popular definition “downsizer” according to WA Apartment Advocacy Director Samantha Reece.

After conducting focus groups with seniors last week, attendees outlined that while they may be reducing the size of their living space, when they traded a house for an apartment – the focus was now more on upsizing their lives.

Ms Reece stated that the apartment livers had outlined that when they moved into an apartment one of the key benefits was the increased free time (because of reduced home maintenance) and hence when they were choosing their preferred apartment, the best fit to this new found freedom was top of mind.

“These seniors stated that when they chose their apartment it was driven by location and by living in a vibrant hub, they felt more motivated to get out and do things they hadn’t before,” Ms Reece said.

“While we have been focused on creating retirement villages in the suburbs and trying to maintain seniors’ connectivity to their historical community, we should be more focused on creating apartments in locations that have a vitality and choice of activities.

“By removing the initial barriers of distance, these seniors were keen to walk or take public transport and experience life to the fullest and this is what is keeping them young at heart.”

Recent research by the WAAA found that 20% of the owner/occupier respondents were either retired or transitioning to retirement.

“These residents also spoke about the need to provide added storage because while they were downsizing, they have a lifetime of belongings that are precious to them,” Ms Reece said.

“They were also keen to look at sharing services such as a concierge amongst a number of developments (ideal for precincts such as The Springs) so that they could enjoy premium services at reduced strata fees.

“These residents have truly embraced the apartment lifestyle and are enjoying the new sense of freedom and their chosen locations, which have provided them with a new lease on life.”

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