Bigger is better

The WA Apartment survey recently released the results from 268 renters and owner occupiers that shows the trend for moving to bigger apartments.

35% of renters moved from a 2 bedroom and 26% from three bedroom properties into 1 (35%) and 2 (34%) bedroom apartments. But asked what would they move into next 48% said 2 bedroom and 38% indicated 3 bedroom properties. This was mirrored by the owner occupiers as well 35% moving from a 3 bedroom property and 39% from a 4 bedroom into 2 bedroom apartment (64%). However when thinking about their next move 33% would move into a 2 bedroom and 53% into a 3 bedroom property.

Plus 61% of owner occupiers were using a bedroom as a study or a study nook in their apartment. Clever design is therefore going to be a part of Perth's evolving apartment market.

For the article in WA Business News which reports on this data click here.

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