Could we be building the wrong apartments?

Most new housing being built in Melbourne is two-bedroom apartments, but should we be embracing three-bedroom designs to provide better options for families?

On Tuesday, Lochlan Sinclair, an architect and design manager at Neometro, will join a panel of experts at MPavilion to discuss High Density Happiness: In Defence Of The Three-Bedroom Apartment.

Mr Sinclair said he believed that in order for Melbourne to maintain its reputation as one of the world's most liveable cities, the design of apartment buildings must be reviewed.

"As a city, we need to start considering better housing for families in apartments," he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

"We're going through an unprecedented housing boom at the moment and we need to really start looking at apartment living as a bona fide option to ensure that we keep Melbourne's footprint at a reasonable size and a sustainable size, that doesn't put a heavy onus on our infrastructure."

Mr Sinclair said while there was a lot of discussion around the oversupply of apartments in Melbourne, the problem actually lies in the design of many of the buildings.

"I think it's probably a fair comment to say that we're building too many of the wrong type of apartments."

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