Support for South Perth growth

The West Australian Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) has just released the results of a sample survey, which shows that there is general support for the development that is occurring in South Perth.

Conscious of the recent resident uprise of 300 people in South Perth who have opposed high rise apartments planned for Mill Point Rd, WAAA Director Samantha Reece took to the streets to gauge public opinion.

Ms Reece spoke to 51 parties in and around Mends St, which included an equal mix of residents, people who worked in South Perth and visitors, and asked them about their views of the apartment developments, the train station as well as additional facilities such as restaurants and bars.

“67% of the respondents stated that they felt there was a definite need for a train station in South Perth as well as a bigger supermarket (55%) and more bars/restaurants (47%),” Ms Reece said.

“Plus 55% were either extremely or very supportive of the development in South Perth with a further 37% moderately supportive (total 92%).’

The number one concern about the increased density was the impact of additional traffic and how that would cause further congestion moving into Mends St as well as the City.

Quality of the build and the need to make sure the developments were staggered in their release, were also points raised, which can impact on property values.

However the overwhelming sentiment was that in order for South Perth to accommodate the increased residents and workers to the area, apartments were the key solution.

“As one interviewee said, there was already a culture of apartment living in South Perth and this is just a natural evolution for the suburb.”

Ms Reece said that one revelation in the research was the number of people who utilised the South Perth swan foreshore as recreational users.

“I encountered visitors from Geraldton and Mandurah enjoying the facilities as well as day trippers from suburbs North and East of South Perth,” Ms Reece said.

“When a Council is considering its overall development – it can’t just take into account the residents views – but also that of the workers and visitors to the area.

“The South Perth area is a shared space and hence while there will be some teething pains during the initial growth phase, ultimately if this is matched with good infrastructure, the benefits should far outweigh the negatives.”

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