DAP rejects Fremantle apartments

The one thing that we are constantly hear is the need for the apartment buildings to be attractive and a part of the neighbourhood precinct.

There are concerns that apartments will develop into slums, and while we do not agree with this concept, what we have discovered is that people speak about areas becoming outdated, and when they are towering in the sky - it is hard to miss.

That is why we are seeing a greater number of DAP's demonstrating their discretion in approving (or not) apartment projects that are proposed for Perth.

Now Fremantle is very proactive, but recently a project on Adelaide St got knocked back based on its design elements. We support this stance because at the end of the day we do wish to leave a legacy that we will be proud to have on our landscape for the next 30-40 years.

Full details about the story can be found by clicking here.

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