Julie puts family first

When Julie Blogg was considering her next home purchase, the proximity of her parents was paramount in her decision.

A single mum with two kids, Julie relied heavily on her parents for assistance and was conscious that in the future, her parents would become more reliant on her, as they too aged.

So when Julie bought an apartment in Rockingham, it made perfect sense that her parents would buy the apartment next door.

Julie’s decision to buy an apartment was also motivated by another family member, her brother who lives in an apartment in Melbourne.

“When I visited my brother, I saw just how much more spare time he had because he didn’t have to maintain a garden or the property,” Julie said.

“I am incredibly time poor and so I wanted to spend my spare time with my family rather than maintaining my own 18 year old home in Kwinana.

“My parents were only 5kms away from where I lived, but they had also been thinking about moving to a retirement village and so when I purchased the apartment it just made obvious sense that my parents would also move into the development.

“It is fantastic because now they are only 5m away and we have the extra benefits of being able to lock up and leave without any hesitation.

“Plus our apartment is on the beachfront in Rockingham and there is so much to do with the kids, we really feel like we have a new lease on life.”

Samantha Reece of Western Australian Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) stated that Julie was a true example of a new wave of apartment livers.

“Here we have two types of people (family and seniors) who have found that apartments are the best solution for their next place to live,” Ms Reece said.

“I think that it is wonderful that Julie and her parents can be so close to each other and the level of convenience this brings is of real benefit.

“This is an example which I believe we will see replicated all over Perth and demonstrates that choice of housing – and locations – is essential to Perth’s ongoing social well-being.”

WAAA is the voice for people who choose apartments in WA. It seeks to demonstrate the need for housing choice in WA and the role that apartments can play. If you wish to comment about what Perth could be doing to create more choice of housing then log onto www.waaa.net.au.

The article was published in the Sound Telegraph - click here for the story.

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