In October 2017 Samantha Reece, Director of WA Apartment Advocacy held the first pop up apartment in the Perth CBD offering people the chance to register for Australia's first apartment trial.  12 sets of people were given the opportunity to try living in an a apartment a month at a time - free of charge with the support of developer Blackburne.  All the participants had to bring was their clothing and linen.

600 people registered for the trial which was a huge success.

There were families with young kids, families with tweenies, young couples, baby boomers and people in their seventies who tried the lifestyle, with one couple Debbie and Karl selling their home, buying an apartment and moving in just five months after their trial finished.

Each participant had reservations about apartment living - whether it was too small, lack of privacy, noise or storage issues - and yet all 12 of the participants were converted to apartment living at the end of the trial.

Samantha has now replicated the trial at Arbor North with Department of Communities and Claremont with Mirvac.

Since the inception the trial has reached over 2 million viewers through media exposure. 


Each of the participants were interviewed as part of the process and their videos can be seen below.