Move for greater apartment owner protection

The WA Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) is working in co-operation with the Building and Energy Division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (formerly WA Building Commission) in creating an education kit for apartment owners and potential buyers. Building and Energy is currently progressing the implementation of the recommendations of the Shergold/Weir ‘Building Confidence Report’ through three separate reviews of the building legislation: A review of the residential building approvals process; A review of the commercial building approvals process; and A review of the registration requirements for the building industry. As such the timing of the education kit, which will incl

Taking action COVID19

There is no doubt that the current circumstances with COVID19 is very bizarre - even alien like. But what is quite clear is the need to self isolate, increase cleanliness and overall try to band together regardless! With my own apartment complex we have created a WhatsApp page whereby we can communicate as a community. We are also advising each other if we are self isolating or quarantined. Plus we are checking to see if the elderly in our building need any further assistance. We have also restricted any trades to our building which are not essential and asked that our cleaners wear gloves as well as increase general cleaning overall of any hard surface that is likely to come in contact w

Family endorses apartment lifestyle

When Omrita Baskar saw the opportunity to try Mirvac’s Forge apartment lifestyle for a month for free – she knew this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. Relocating from Canberra two years prior, the family had purchased a traditional home in Wallan in order to ensure a backyard for their two toddlers, but with the 1.5 hour commute for her husband each way, Omrita recognised this was far from ideal. But could they transition to an apartment as an alternative? And especially just a two bedroom apartment? A month on and the family now have a totally new perspective on CBD apartment living! Omrita stated that the family had genuinely never considered apartment living as an option for

Let’s talk membrane – and I don’t mean your brain!

When you are looking at an apartment to buy you may be considering a number of aspects, such as how many bedrooms, carbays and even the size of the balcony. But what is in fact one of the most important factors to consider, is whether the water membrane was installed correctly. Recent research by the Australian Apartment Advocacy has shown that internal water proofing is one of the highest rating defects across the Nation and certainly represents on average 60% of apartment insurance claims. In QLD the Government has recognised this trend and taken the bold step of licensing membrane installers (the only State in the Country) and their incidence of internal water proofing issues is as a res

Opal Towers looks to future

Samantha Reece, Director of AAA recently attended the Safe Buildings and Defects seminar in Sydney and Brisbane as a guest speaker, where she heard from Prof. Stephen Foster, who was intimately involved in the Opal Towers investigation. We all remember those haunting images of residents being evacuated from Opal Towers Christmas Eve 2018. But what you may not have known, is that the Developer of this project, not only housed the residents, but also paid for the repairs and has now given a 20 year warranty on the works. And that is key to the current perception with building defects. A defect may be a crisis initially – but in most cases, it can be repaired. This has even been the case of

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