Retirees the most satisfied apartment dwellers

New analysis conducted by Western Australian Apartment Advocacy of the WA retiree’s apartment market has unveiled some interesting insights into how retirees view apartment living. The research was conducted nationally with 3300 respondents, of which 23% were classified as retirees. Over half the apartment owners have been living in their apartment for less than 5 years and were made up of two person households (65%) as well as singles occupiers (35%). But as WAAA Director Samantha Reece stated, what was most interesting was that WA Retirees had the highest satisfaction and referral rates when compared to the other demographics in the study, with a 96% satisfaction rate with their apartment

Australian Apartment Advocacy hits back at ABC’s building crisis claims

Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA) has hit back at claims made on the ABC’s 4 Corners program that residential apartments are in a “building crisis”. The story focused on several buildings that were showing defects in light of a recent Deakin University study which examined 200 insurance claims. Ms Reece, Director of AAA stated that to infer that all apartment buildings were possibly going to have the same degree of defects as the Opal or Mascot Towers was simply false. “The ABC report noted that one of the builders responsible for building defects in their report was already known to the Building Commission. This means that this builder was already under investigation and as such any pro

Apartment living embraces timber

Builder Bluerock Projects unveiled their much anticipated four storey Midland apartment building DeHavilland Apartments last week, to developers keen to explore WA’s first timber built development. The project, that is minutes from the Midland City Centre, boasts 9 apartments and one commercial premise and has been constructed from timber, being the first mixed use multi residential building in WA. Stuart Hawley, Director Bluerock Project Pty Ltd stated that the building, which is close to lock up, had only taken 12 months to gain approvals and begin construction. The build is expected to take only 10 months to complete, despite being a very constrained site. “This has definitely been a chal

What does a green buyer look like?

Recent research by WAAA with 1130 apartment owners has demonstrated that 23% of these respondents felt that the sustainability of the development was in fact important in their decision making process. This view was mostly reflected by young professionals or retirees. But despite a few key differences, these buyer’s views tended to reflect that of the rest of the demographics with their thoughts. On par with other respondents, 86% bought where they did for location and 50% because it was near public transport. 63% liked the low maintenance aspect of the apartment and 58% the security. Interestingly those that had a stronger focus on sustainability, did tend to have a greater tendency to comm

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