Perth apartment market performs in 2017 Q4

There were 2727 apartments completed last year and another 2739 approved, and the December 2017 quarter sales were up by 20% from the September quarter, totaling $800 million in sales. What was interesting, and as per WAAA's research, the demand for three bedroom apartments accounted for 17.5% of transactions - up from 9.9%. For the full story click here.

Families living in apartments: Can small living quarters make a happy life?

Moving your family from a big house with a backyard to an inner-city apartment sounds like a daunting prospect – but that’s exactly what Mark and Linda Paterson did. The couple, whose two youngest children, Bronte, 20, and Jasmine, 18, still live with their parents, have just moved from a detached house on a 1000-square-metre block in outer Brisbane to an apartment development in the bustling northern suburb of Chermside. Several factors prompted their reverse sea-change: Mark, who travels interstate for work on a regular basis, wanted to be close to the airport; the couple are members of a church in the area; and their two daughters are attending university nearby. To view the full story cl

Appetite for additional car bays prevalent

Recent research with 174 apartment livers by the WA Apartment Advocacy has found that 50% of respondents would be prepared to pay another $25,000 for an additional car bay. While the research found that 71% were happy with their allocation of car bays, close to 30% were frustrated by the lack of choice – with the majority of these only having one car bay with their apartment. In addition the research determined that overall 30% of the recipients were unhappy with the allocation of visitor bays within their apartment developments. “We are seeing situations whereby residents are buying apartments with one car bay and yet they have two cars and so they are using the visitor bays as an alternati

Perth's apartment phobia: Why people of the west prefer sprawl over high-density living

The Perth suburban sprawl. It stretches 150 kilometres along the coastline and has a footprint twice the size of Tokyo — but with only a fraction of its population. Data reveals that's because the people of Perth are incredibly resistant to the idea of living in apartments. The latest census reported "Perth residents overwhelmingly prefer to own their own home, and for that home to be a fully detached house". Just 6.6 per cent of residents live in apartments (the national average is 13.1 per cent). A further 16 per cent live in terraced or semi-detached homes, while the remaining 77 per cent live in a fully detached house. For more details on this story click here.

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