Apartment owners insurance simplified

Unlike owning a house, where generally the only thing that separates you and your neighbours are fences and insurance is a one policy stop shop - when it comes to owning apartments life is just not simple... In an apartment, it's clear that the walls often divide you from your neighbours, however don't forget that some times the roof and even floor can also be your property boundaries. So how do you insure what you own and not what your neighbour does? This is why Apartment Owners need two of three types of insurance. Policy One - Strata Insurance: This insurance covers the building structure including anything that is permanently fitted to the building and that before you moved in, was like

High life study wants your input!

THE HIGH LIFE STUDY is being conducted by researchers at The University of Western Australia and RMIT University. The study aims to examine the relationship between apartment design policy, design outcomes, and residents’ health and wellbeing. The project will compare apartments developed in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in the last decade to assess whether more comprehensive apartment design requirements improve dwelling and building amenity, and in turn positively impact on residents’ health and wellbeing. For further information on the overall project visit the project webpage: http://cur.org.au/project/high-life-apartment-design-policy-improve-residents-health-wellbeing/

Children in apartments – where the bloody hell are they?

Greater Sydney, that’s where! The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Greater Sydney have dominated the children in apartments market in 2016. The table below shows the top 10 LGAs with the highest concentration of families living in apartments. LGA Families in apartments as % of Total households Strathfield17.0% Botany Bay15.9% Willoughby13.4% Parramatta12.9% Canada Bay12.5% Lane Cove11.6% Georges River11.6% Rockdale11.6% North Sydney11.4% Randwick11.0% I was really surprised by these results. I had expected all the CBD LGAs (e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) to be in the top 10. However, inner Sydney has the highest concentrations of children in apartments. It seems in Sydney, due to the types o

Appetite for change is on the horizon

WAAA recently attended the Perth Cities Summit co-ordinated by John Carey Member for Perth. With over 350 people in attendance, everyone was seated randomly and provided with 35 ideas that had been derived from the previous workshops hosted in Northbridge, East Perth and West Perth. These ideas included a variety of themes which aligned with WAAA’s agenda including: Revitalise Heirisson Island as an indigenous cultural hub Create Renew Perth to activate vacant properties Ensure a full year long events and activation plan for the City Establish the role of Night Czar or Mayor to drive night time economy Facilitate the construction of a cable car from Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park Cut red tape

Medium density a slow sell

WESTERN Australia has recorded the lowest proportion of medium-density housing as a percentage of total dwelling approvals of any mainland state for the year to March 2017. Bankwest's annual Housing Density Report, released earlier this month, found just 26.9 per cent of approvals in WA were for medium-density housing, significantly lower than NSW at 60.6 per cent and Victoria (46.9 per cent) of total approvals. WA also came in behind Queensland (45.3 per cent) and South Australia (28.7 per cent). While the proportion of medium-density housing approvals has remained above the 20-year state average of 19.8 per cent (see graph), WA still falls significantly behind the national average, where 4

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