Families living in apartments continue to grow

National Company ID released results from the 2016 Census data which shows there are 228,243 families with children (with one or two parents) living in flats, units or apartments. This equates to 6.3% of family households. But as a proportion of apartment dwellers, families make up almost 20%, or 1 in 5. So has this rate increased since 2011? Between 2011 and 2016 there was an increase of 21,147 families living in apartments. This is a 10.2% increase. However, this rate of increase is much lower than the growth that occurred between 2006 and 2011 – 23.2%! When looking at the share of family households, the share living in apartments has barely increased between 2011 and 2016 – 6.1% to 6.3%.

City Deals a game changer for WA

WAAA Director Samantha Reece recently attended a historical event with Federal Minister for Cities Angus Taylor. Hosted by James Best of Future Plexus, the session also had a number of pro development agencies present including Future Bayswater and Future Cottesloe. The Federal Government has allocated $10 billion to generate precincts around train stations (TODS) and Future Bayswater is keen to be the first project allocated funding in WA. However when questioned by WAAA, Mr Taylor admitted that the Federal Government was not going to force any Local Government to partake in this initiative and hence Future Bayswater may become derailed (no pun intended) by this barrier. Needless to say m

Desire for East Perth to gain 24/7 heartbeat

Samantha Reece recently attended the East Perth session of the Cities Summit that has been co-ordinated by Member for Perth John Carey. Over 60 people attended this session which comprised of businesses, developers, residents and interested parties. Quite predictably the session dealt with the areas strengths, its problems and what the community would like to see occur. East Perth was liked because of its walkability, the gardens and open spaces, Claisebrook Cove and the fact that the area felt calm and relaxed. In particular the residents enjoyed the fact that while they were living in the City it felt like they were in fact residing in a suburb. However, there were certainly rumblings abo

Snapshot reports now available

WA Apartment Advocacy has released two reports which provide a snapshot of the recent surveys with owner/occupiers and investors. There were some very interesting trends - with owner/occupiers showing a preference for larger apartments and investors focused on location, location, location! To download a copy of the investor report click here. To download a copy of the owner/occupier report click here.

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