What are the health benefits of indoor plants?

ECU student Danica-Lee Larcombe is undertaking an interesting study to see the effects that plant life has on our well being. So far we know that they remove volatile compounds from the air, exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen or vice versa, provide stress relief and are aesthetically pleasing. To prove the positive link, Danica-Lea is conducting a year long study and is seeking 99 participants to help her. 33 of these will be people without plants, 33 with plastic plants and 33 with the real deal. Danica-Lea's research is looking at whether there is an exchange of microbes between plants and humans. The relationship between plant microbes and human skin microbiota is an exciting new field t

Freedom fit the new downsizer

The term “Freedom Fit” will soon replace the ever popular definition “downsizer” according to WA Apartment Advocacy Director Samantha Reece. After conducting focus groups with seniors last week, attendees outlined that while they may be reducing the size of their living space, when they traded a house for an apartment – the focus was now more on upsizing their lives. Ms Reece stated that the apartment livers had outlined that when they moved into an apartment one of the key benefits was the increased free time (because of reduced home maintenance) and hence when they were choosing their preferred apartment, the best fit to this new found freedom was top of mind. “These seniors stated that wh

Apartment supply update

Samantha Reece of PropertyESP recently attended and participated in the Property Council Apartment conference where Urbis revealed their First Quarter 2017 results. At present 20% of Perth's building approvals are for apartments compared to 60% in Sydney and 46% in Melbourne. This equates to 3797 apartments currently under construction. There are at present 134 active apartment developments in WA and 11,194 apartments, which only represents about 10% of the apartments nationally, which tends to put WA's supply somewhat into perspective. There were 258 sales in the first Quarter 2017 with an average price of $650,000. These sales were primarily in the CBD and Western Suburbs. 25 of these s

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