Architectural vs strata measurement

In WA there have been a number of cases where developers have promoted their projects based on architectural area. This in fact measures from the outside of the external walls and centre of the party walls. However when the buyer signs the final contract the size of the apartment will be shown as strata area. Strata area is measured to the inside of external walls and party walls. Often there can be up to 10% variation in these two sizes and so it is very important when shopping around that buyers ask what measurement is being used in the promotional material. In the East Coast there are standards set as to the use of strata area but as of yet these have not been introduced into WA. Buyer

Bigger is better

The WA Apartment survey recently released the results from 268 renters and owner occupiers that shows the trend for moving to bigger apartments. 35% of renters moved from a 2 bedroom and 26% from three bedroom properties into 1 (35%) and 2 (34%) bedroom apartments. But asked what would they move into next 48% said 2 bedroom and 38% indicated 3 bedroom properties. This was mirrored by the owner occupiers as well 35% moving from a 3 bedroom property and 39% from a 4 bedroom into 2 bedroom apartment (64%). However when thinking about their next move 33% would move into a 2 bedroom and 53% into a 3 bedroom property. Plus 61% of owner occupiers were using a bedroom as a study or a study nook

National bodies predict 5.6% growth in WA apartments

Two National companies released statements this week stating that they believe that WA will experience the first signs of property growth in over 3 years. They stated that housing would achieve 3% and apartments 5.6% over the forthcoming years. Read the full story here.

Density by design

Sustainability guru Dr Josh Byrne has launched the series Density by Design - challenging the beliefs about apartments and how they are part of our sustainable future. To find out more about what Josh is doing click here.

Telstra's Northbridge building to become student HQ

DevWest Group has formally asked for permission to overhaul the eight-level Telstra tower in Stirling Street into accommodation for more than 500 students. Phase one, the initial $35 million revamp, backed by Hong Kong-based private equity company Gaw Capital Partners, is pitched at addressing Australia’s chronic under supply of tertiary student accommodation. For the full story click here.

Microapartments in the spotlight

Apartment advocate Mark Hay recently brought the Micro-apartment into the spotlight - demonstrating that Perth needs this variety - especially for young singles who are seeking an affordable stepping stone into the property market. For the full story click here.

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