Room at the top

Robert Summerton was featured on the front page of the Sunday Times Development Guide (30 October) talking about his own experience with his Burswood apartment. After living in a house in Canningvale for 20 years, Robert's wife broached the subject of moving into an apartment and at first Robert had visions of the flats that he grew up in, while living as a child in Melbourne. But once he viewed the Burswood apartment it only took 3 days before they put in an offer and now Robert is a total convert. The experience of living in a 174sqm apartment with his three adult sons has drawn the family closer. Plus he is enjoying the community spirit in his apartment building - something which was miss

Julie puts family first

When Julie Blogg was considering her next home purchase, the proximity of her parents was paramount in her decision. A single mum with two kids, Julie relied heavily on her parents for assistance and was conscious that in the future, her parents would become more reliant on her, as they too aged. So when Julie bought an apartment in Rockingham, it made perfect sense that her parents would buy the apartment next door. Julie’s decision to buy an apartment was also motivated by another family member, her brother who lives in an apartment in Melbourne. “When I visited my brother, I saw just how much more spare time he had because he didn’t have to maintain a garden or the property,” Julie said.

New Design WA will help guide

I so often hear those opposed to apartments state that they will become slums. But with the new Design WA we should be able to move ahead with more confidence! Read the full article here.

Poll shows 93% support apartments

The newly formed Western Australian Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) decided to conduct a poll at the Perth Royal Show last week, and the results clearly demonstrated an overwhelming 93% support for apartments. WAAA Managing Director Samantha Reece randomly surveyed 300 people over the course of the eight day show, and not surprisingly the majority of people recognised that Perth could no longer sprawl further north or south. It was the first poll of its kind in WA and respondents reflected a cross section of country as well as Perth based residents, all ages and genders. In addition,of the 300 surveyed, only 12% of these were apartment owners. The full story can be read here.

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