Cottesloe Council lets .007 have sway

I attended the Cottesloe Council meeting last week and was saddened that five Councillors allowed 55 people or .007% have undue influence on a decision dealing with a 13 apartment complex. Kudos to Cr Rodda, Cr Angers and Mayor Dawkins for speaking in support of the development. Western Suburbs Weekly article is here.

Support for DAP's

Samantha Reece was interviewed by the Western Suburbs Weekly and indicated her support for DAP's as an essential part of WA's planning scene. As she said - we need to move away from saying "no" and start saying what we do want to see. The full article can be found by clicking here.

Community sentiment in support of development

A community survey undertaken in the Town of Bassendean to gauge perceptions of future development of and around the town centre has revealed majority support for future development in the area, among respondents aware of redevelopment plans. The support for general future development around the town centre was supported by 57.9% of total survey participants, with 31.9% reporting mixed feelings and 10.2% against it. The survey found that younger respondents and those who had been living in the area less than ten years were more likely to support future development. Interestingly, despite the majority of respondents supporting future development, only 10.0% had been involved in community disc

Don't knock it until you try it!

This article is about an older couple who have moved numerous times to stay in the Docklands district in Melbourne in an apartment - it is great when you have choice! Read the full article here.

Murdoch to become TOD hub

Key locations such as universities, train stations and hospitals are ideal locations for apartments. Read about the latest news for Murdoch by clicking here.

For Sean it is all about extra time in his day

The West Australian ran this article which highlighted the benefits of choosing an apartment and not travelling an hour into work and back each day. These are the kinds of stories that demonstrate how apartments can add value. What are your thoughts? To view the full article click here.

Dare to change

Interesting post by PropertyESP after the company attended the Committee for Perth luncheon last week. St Leonards has embraced change - and for the better. So could Perth! Read the full article here.

Time to say yes

It is examples such as the one recently reported in the West Australian that causes the WAAA concerns. This was a sensitive 13 apartment development and yet the Council still voted no. Some people are opposed to apartments in WA regardless of what they look like or the benefits. As the article says, it is time for people to have courage and speak up! Read more here

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