Have your say - your choice is important

Here are some comments from WA apartment livers - send us your thoughts so that we can share!

"I was very interested to come across your site. We have just reserved to buy a 3 bedroom 110sqm apartment in Subiaco and we are a family of five, with 3 kids, aged 9, 5 and zero. We currently own a house in Mt Lawley but we are so over the amount of effort and money it takes to maintain. I am from Europe where apartment living is standard, but right now people think I have lost my mind to sell a house and move into a smaller apartment!! I also suspect we will be living with a bunch of retirees and single people in the apartment block :)"

- Calina, Mt Lawley

“When we were thinking of where to buy - it was obvious that the City was the best place because of work.  We were really pleased by the choice that was available”

— Sadie, Perth CBD


“I am glad that I am no longer in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on my own at night.  I feel so much safer with my neighbour just next door”  

— Angela, Leighton Beach


“I want to see micro-apartments in Perth.  I don't want to pay a huge mortgage because I only come home to basically sleep. But I do want to get onto the property ladder.  Perth needs to start thinking about these options.”

— Nicki, Perth 


“I was worried about how I was going to fit my 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home into an apartment.  But we stored some of our furniture and after six months when we hadn't returned to the storage unit we sold it.  I found it very liberating!”

— Ben, Subiaco


“I moved from a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment condo in Singapore and would liked to have had the same choice in Perth. We need to think about families who also want to choose apartments.”

— Keri, Cambridge

"I enjoy apartment living, but I would like to see more community gardens being planned as part of an apartment's development. I would also like to see long term lease options become more readily available."

 - Holly

"I would move into an apartment if there was a Men's shed.  I can't quite give up the fact that I love to go into the shed and tinker away in my own space."

- Bill, Gosnells

"Hello there I bought an apartment off the plan to be ready in about 4 months now, I would love to share my experience and also have a voice in dealing with the Developer as it seems they control everything even decisions that are uneconomic and nonsensical - such as the abysmal standard appliances they can put in, which I don't want and rather have the cash equivalent or choice to upgrade (but not at a cost significantly greater than I can buy from an appliance retailer.) This is only example."

- Nish 


“I was worried that I was moving away from my community where I had lived for 25 years.  But once I moved into the apartment I met my neighbours and have now created a new community.  It has been lovely”

— Sam, Fremantle 


“I don't understand why people don't judge you for building a 7 bedroom 5 bathroom home but as soon as you want to build a 40sqm apartment there is uproar.”

— Sean, Perth


“I am very pro apt living re location inner city for the security. I hope local govts realise that for a majority of buyers apts represent great value especially down sizers and young professionals because they are near transport, train and shops .”

— Jocelyn, Perth


“I purchased an apartment after 25 years in the family home because I was basically hoping that the kids would move out.  I managed to get rid of one, but the other is moving in with us.  I guess part of my plan worked!”

— Paul, Ardross


“My home is just too big, but if I want to stay in my area there is nothing smaller for me to buy.  I am in a difficult position because I have lived in this area all my life.”

— Rose, Dalkeith

"I moved from an apartment in Subiaco to a house in Butler and I hate it - I wish I was back in my apartment."

- Denise, Butler

"I live on Adelaide Tce and there is no where for me to do my food shopping.  My closest retail is Vic Park.  Even the supermarkets in the City don't have trolleys - they are more for convenience shopping.  Apartments need to have these services nearby."

- Jill, Perth