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Perth apartments and families

Tell us your thoughts about apartment living - what would make it better?

Thank you for contact WAAA we will keep you updated with the latest news. Please share this site with friends and family because the more voices the better.

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Choice of where you live is very important, but there are a number of decisions being made by State and Local Governments based on the comments from people who are opposed to apartments in general.

It is important that the people who choose apartments as their preference are the ones that in fact help guide what else needs to be introduced into Perth and WA.

WAAA was formed to gather everyone's opinions and provide them to Government in a way that will seek to have some positive influence.

What does WAAA do?

We are a not-for-profit group who want to make sure that people who are making decisions about Perth think of everyone's needs.

We think it is important that there is choice when it comes to housing in WA.

There has not been a chance previously for apartment livers - those that own and rent - to speak up about what they want to see happen in Perth and WA.

We will make sure that decision makers at all levels of Government will now be aware of what apartment livers think and this will have a positive affect on planning decisions in WA.

So what can you do to help?

Register on this site and also link to our Facebook, Linkedin accounts where we will be keeping you up to date about events, news and just general thoughts about apartments and why they are some peoples preferred choice.

The more people that can be part of WAAA the better.  At the end of the day apartments are a part of Perth's future and just as important as houses, duplexes and townhouses are.

Let your friends, family members and neighbours know and let's create a voice that talks about what we do want to see!

Make apartments part of WA's future

At the moment only about 5% of our housing choice in WA is apartments.

People choose apartments for many reasons; affordability, close to work, cosmopolitan lifestyle etc.  But regardless they should have more choice in WA.  

More choice of locations, more choice of styles and more flexibility.

By being involved in WAAA you can tell us what you think needs to happen in WA and we can communicate this to media, Government and the industry.

In The News
WAAA Director calls for Apartment Repat Fund

We are calling on Government to fund defect repairs for those apartments where the builder has gone bust, skipped town or gone into liquidation.

March 2020

Education kit launched
WAAA has produced an education kit for Apartment buyers and owners!

To read about this innovative approach click on the link.

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